Congratulations on the birth of your child!

The Cathedral Parish welcomes your child as the newest member of our community and celebrates with you this precious gift of life from God.  We seek to support you in your role as the primary teacher(s) of your child’s faith and to uphold our role as a community of believers that demonstrates our faith in action. Together we hope to provide your child with a welcoming embrace as well as a life of faith and tradition in our Catholic Church.

At Baptism, in the presence of the community, you and your child’s godparents will profess for your child the faith of the Church. Your profession of faith commits your child to living and practicing the Catholic way of life. It is the beginning of a life-long journey for your child’s religious formation within the Catholic Tradition. In later years your child will be invited to make this same profession of faith for him or herself at the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation.

We appreciate the opportunity to meet with you and assist you in the preparation process.


The Process of the Sacrament of Baptism

1. Register in the Parish:  Parents of the child to be baptized must be registered and active members of The Cathedral Parish attending weekly Sunday Mass. To register visit the parish office Monday-Friday from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Or click here for Registration Form

2. Intake with Clergy: We will schedule an intake meeting with the clergy to go over the details and what requirements to fulfill.

3. Selecting Godparents:  Godparents play a very important role in your child's spiritual life. They should serve as role models of the faith. The child should be able to look to their godparent as an example of how the church teaches us to live our Catholic faith. They should support not only the child but you, the parents as well. Additionally, in their role as godparent, they represent the larger Church community. Therefore, being a godparent is not only an honor; it is a tremendous responsibility. Therefore, the godparents should be carefully chosen. In recognizing the importance of the godparent and their duties, the Church has provided guidelines to help parents choose the best possible godparents for their children. The Cathedral Parish adheres to Canon Law in all aspects of Baptism.

4. Sponsor Certificates: All Catholic godparents (sponsors) must obtain a sponsorship certificate from their own parish stating that they are members in good standing and are eligible to act as a Catholic Sponsor for Baptism. These certificates should be submitted to The Cathedral Parish Office as soon as possible after the initial Baptism registration.

Those requesting a Sponsor Certificate for Baptism or Confirmation from The Cathedral Parish must be active registered parishioners, attending Mass every Sunday at either St. Patrick or St. Augustine, and supporting the church financially or by volunteering time or talent. Furthermore, all sponsors must be over 16 years of age, have received all Sacraments of initiation, and, if married, be married according to the laws of the Catholic Church. Everyone must call the office to make an appointment to meet with Father Juan Gabriel at least 3 months before the date the certificate is needed to determine suitability. (See Catechism of the Catholic Church 2042; Code of Canon Law 874).

5. Baptism Preparation Classes: Parents are required to attend a set of 3 Baptism preparation classes. You will receive more information during the intake meeting.

6. Baptism Dates: Baptisms are offered once a month in English and Spanish. 

7. Marriage Information:  If you are married but your marriage is not recognized by the Church, the priests or deacons of the parish will discuss options for exchanging the Sacrament of Marriage.

8. Naming Your Child:  The name you select in addition to your family name will provide your child with a unique identity. The long-standing tradition of the Church has been to give at least one name of a saint and may provide your child with a model for Christ-centered living.

9. Photographs and video at Baptism ceremony: As our church is a House of God to be respected and cherished, please be sure to refrain from entering the sanctuary and be sure to follow the instructions of the celebrant to insure that you will be getting the best pictures while not interfering with the sacred ceremony.

10. Clothing and Candle: A white Christening gown is customary but not required. While the parish will provide the baptismal bib and candle, you are also welcome to provide your own bib and candle as well.

11. Family Donation: There is no fee for your child’s Baptism. However many families wish to offer a donation on this joyous occasion. This donation may be placed in an envelope and given to the Priest or Deacon on the day of the baptism. Please be sure to indicate if the free-will donation is for the parish or for the celebrant.






Contact the parish office here for upcoming Baptism preparation classes






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