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Sunday Parish Bulletin 




 Fr. Ringley's Note



    Thanks to all who have already returned their raffle tickets in anticipation of the International Dinner and Raffle at the Kolbe Gym on Saturday, April 28th. This annual fund raiser is an important source of revenue to continue the repairs being made to our church buildings and rectories. Thanks for your generosity. We are getting caught up! Projects this Spring include 1) the installation of a new security/fire system at the St. Augustine rectory ($5,000). 2) Sealing, filling cracks, fixing broken curbs at the St. Patrick parking lot ($10,000). 3) Renovation and repairs to the kitchen at the St. Augustine rectory ($3,000). 4) Replacement of three windows at the St. Augustine rectory (ca. $1,500). (5) Repairs of damage to boiler at St. Augustine church (estimated at $6 to $8,000). 6) Repairs to the St. Patrick church boiler (estimated at $3,000). 7) Repair of the front porch of the St. Augustine rectory ($ unknown). Please continue to support our efforts to maintain our physical plants in good working order. Elsewhere in the bulletin find a form to complete if you are willing to provide your favorite dish for the feast. The more the merrier!

    The Annual Catholic Appeal is in full swing. To date, we have raised approximately 30% of our $95,000 goal. Please consider your gift. We are grateful to the various people who have agreed to speak at the end of Masses during the next few weeks to describe how they benefit from your gift to the Appeal. The InPew solicitation will take place in late April or early May. Our RCIA and Religious Education program is reaching its conclusion for this year (April 24th). We will provide a full report of how things went this year, and how we can improve for next year. The young (and not so young) people in this major effort on the part of our parish are the future of the Church. We must form and educate them well if their Faith is to survive the challenges of our current culture and the confusion about the Catholic Church so prevalent in the world today. Please include this intention in your prayers.

   Cathedral Adult Schola Schedule


Sunday, April 22, 9:30 AM St. Augustine Children Schola

Sunday, April 22, 11:00 AM St. Augustine

Sunday, April 29, 12:30 PM St. Patrick

Thanks. Fr. Ringley







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