40 Hours / 40 Horas


The Forty Hours Devotion is a custom in the Church that takes its name from forty hours of prayer before the Lord present in the Blessed Sacrament exposed upon the altar.  The period of time is initiated with a Mass of Exposition and concluded with a Mass of Reposition.  With the time between the two Masses, there is approximately forty hours of adoration, recalling the period of time that our Lord spent in the tomb.  For more information about 40 Hours, you can read the article at New Advent 


Adorers and Security:

It is necessary that there be at least one person present at all times of exposition.  You can commit to an hour by clicking the picutre above.  In addition to adorers, we are looking for people to commit to overnight hours to serve as security, making sure that the church remains safe.  It will be their responsibility to keep an eye open if anyone wandered into the building to cause trouble.  As unlikley as it is that anything would happen, we would rather be safe than sorry.  Combined with new security cameras that will be operational by the time of the devotion, the chruch will be a holy and safe space to visit, even in the overnight hours.  


Mass Schedule:

Thursday, October 22, 7pm - Mass of Exposition

Friday, October 23, 7am - Low Mass of the Day

Friday, October 23, 7pm - Mass of Peace (Missa Pro Pace)

Saturday, October 24, 9am - Mass of Reposition


Schedule of Other Devotions:

Thursday, October 22 - Rosary and Compline following the Mass of Exposition

Friday, October 23 - Rosary and Compline following the Mass of Peace 

Please continue to check this website for updates about other devotions or events during the 40 Hours as it will continue to be updated


Recordings of 40 Hours

40 Hours (Livestream begins at Thursday at 7pm)

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