PLEASE NOTE: ALL MASSES Will be celebrated at St. Patrick THIS WEEKEND due to damage of the boiler at St. Augustine. Thank you for your understanding and Cooperation.

Holy Bible Reading Group



When: Thursdays at 7pm beginning on July 2

How to Participate:

1. In Person - St. Augustine Cathedral 

2. Livestream - View through the parish YouTube Channel or the Daily Schedule page of the parish website 

Version of the Bible:  We will use the English Standard Version (ESV) - Catholic Edition newly released by The Augustine Institute.  You can view information and purchase the book here.  You can also find it at other online retailers.  

Format:  Before each section (usually a chapter in length), Fr. Novajosky will provide a brief introduction to highlight a few points, linguistic elements, other Sciptural connections and so on.  He will read the passage aloud to allow for all particpating to hear the words of the Sacred Scriptures spoken live.  For those in attendance after the recitation, there will be the opportunity to ask questions, share insights, respond and have a discussion.  Upon completion, the group will move to the next section.  (There may be a way for those viewing remotely to interaction in the discussion section, but that is not definite at this point.) 

Order of Books:  We will begin with the Gospel of St. Matthew as Christ is the focus of all of the Scritpures, New and Old.  As we apporach the end of the Gospel, the group can provide input and suggestions abou the next text.  There will no preset order as the goal here is to become more familiar with all of the Scriptures.  Eventually every book will be read.

Other Opportunities for Prayer: For those who wish to remain after the group ends for the evening, there is the opportunity to pray the rosary together at 8:30pm followed by the chanting of Compline (Night Prayer) at about 8:55pm.  An opportunity before the reading group is also being considered, but not yet definite.  Considerations of before include Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, Mass and/or Vespers or another prayer.  

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