PLEASE NOTE: ALL MASSES Will be celebrated at St. Patrick THIS WEEKEND due to damage of the boiler at St. Augustine. Thank you for your understanding and Cooperation.


There are two things that come to mind for my note: weather and music.

1. Weather / Sunday & Holy Day Obligation
We are expecting some nasty weather this weekend.  I wanted to remind everyone that while we are required to participate in Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of obligation, that requirement is in NORMAL circumstances.  There are legitimate reasons that remove the obligation.  The Catechism gives the examples of illness or care of infants.  Bad weather is a legitimate reason.  In addition, you can request from me a personal exception as well (let's say if you were going to be traveling and truly were prevented from attending a Mass).  We will still offer the Masses at the regular times and locations and offer them for the requested intentions even if there is inclement weather.  Soon I hope to have a camera in the church that would allow us to live stream the liturgies and will alert everyone once that happens (stay tuned!).  In addition, bad weather can have a terrible impact upon parish finances.  I would ask that, if possible, you please mail your envelope, include it in next week's collection or make your contribution online.  Be safe!

2. Music
It's great to see more and more of you signing up for Flocknote.  As Fr. Alexis and I both preached about last Sunday, the Christmas season came to a close with the Baptism of the Lord.  For the nearly two months between now and Lent, we enter Ordinary Time.  I wrote about it a little bit in last week's column.  There is one change that I wish to make for Ordinary Time, both now and after Easter when it returns again.  We are going to use different chant settings of the Kyrie, Sanctus and Agnus Dei.  Here's a great advantage to Flocknote.  You can see listen to the new chants on videos that I posted earlier on our website.  Follow the link here in order to go to the page and listen (Music during the Liturgy).  You can also go to the homepage for The Cathedral Parish ( and click on the right side where is says "Music during the Liturgy."  Just to give you a taste, included in this email is the Kyrie.  I love this tone!  It's not too complicated and has a subdued tone, which is fitting for Ordinary Time, in contrast to maybe more celebratory music for the great seasons of Easter or Christmas.  I'm excited for it!  Please spread the word that we have the videos on the webpage and that people can listen and practice over and over again.  We will also offer presentations in person.  On Sunday, January 27, following the 12:30 Mass at St. Patrick and at 5 PM before the 5:30 Mass at St. Augustine, our Music Director, Dr. Sam Schmitt, will offer the opportunity for those who wish to gather and review some of the chants.  Please make your way to the front of the church at the proper time.

If I don't see you this weekend, know that we will be praying for you and we will see one another again soon.

Fr. Michael

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