Sacramental Records

Sacramental Records from the following parishes are available upon request. There is a small fee which we require to cover the expenses associated with compiling and mailing the records. Please include your date of birth, the church where the sacrament was administered, and a contact number that may be needed.

The Cathedral Parish: Established in 2012: A & B below:

A) St. Augustine's Cathedral: From 1953 to present. $10 per record. 

B) St. Patrick's Church: Records from 1953-2012. $10 per record.

Separate fee for archival work 


Other closed parishes in the City of Bridgeport

C) St. James Church: Estabilished in 1842. Earliest name of what became St. Augustine's Cathedral in 1953. Separate fee for archival work (See FEE SCHEDULE).

D) St. Raphael's Church (Closed in 2012): Initial ethnicity Italian. Established in 1927. $10 per record. Separate fee for archival work (See FEE SCHEDULE).

E) St. Joseph's Church (Closed): Initial ethnicity German. Established in 1886. $10 per record. Separate fee for archival work (See FEE SCHEDULE).

F) Holy Rosary/Lady of Pompeii (Closed in 2012): Initial ethnicity Italian. Established in 1891. $10 per record. Separate fee for archival work (See FEE SCHEDULE).

If you are looking for Sacramental records from these parishes, you may click here to contact our Sacramental Records department for information. Please designate the Church from which you are seeking records, as well as the Date of Birth of the individual whose record you are requesting. Please include your contact information, should we need to call or email you. Please allow 1-2 business days for an e-mail response. You may also call us at (203) 368-6777 extension 13.


Sacred Heart Church from 1883 to 1960's: Records at St. George's Church. Call (203) 335-1797.

Saint Ambrose Church from 1928 to 2012: Records at Blessed Sacrament Church. Call (203) 333-1202

St. Anthony of Padua Church from 1896-1970;s: Records at St. Peter's Church. Call (203)366-5611






Contact the office of Sacramental Records for the fee schedule for genealogical  research

Because the handwritten records are difficult to read for a number of reasons, it is extremely time consuming to research them. 

  • The paper is fragile and the inkis faded in many instances.
  • Some records require translation from Latin.
  • Records prior to 1950 are not indexed and require line by line examination. 


Basic fee for one person $25

  • Prior to 1952: Add $10
  • Prior to 1925: Add $20
  • Prior to 1900: Add $25
  • Record in Latin: Add $35
  • Prior to 1890: Add $45

For additional persons:

  • Person #2: Add $20
  • Person #3: Add an additional $15
  • Person #4: Add an additional $10

For the Diocesan Archives  contact: 

Deacon William Bissenden

(203) 416-1354



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